Field Work Optimization

Use Grownu to keep track of working hours for employees in the field - easily track hours for employees and stay organized with each project. Efficient workforce management will allow you to reduce your administrative burden and operating costs!

Reduce costs by planning ahead

A well-planned schedule is a valuable tool in both personal and professional settings. The Grownu Schedule work module allows you to easily create and edit employee schedules, share schedules with employees and managers, and modify tasks as needed. Use the Schedule Module to plan days, weeks, or even months in advance to ensure projects run smoothly.

Customize tasks and groups

Create customized projects and tasks, specific the types of jobs positions available for each employee, and create and asign skills for individual workers. Grownu Workforce Management allows you to create groups and teams so you can easily review completed and remaining tasks.

Customer satisfaction

Transparency is an important factor in successful partnerships. Grownu Workforce Management's electronic time tracking and logging system ensures that you can accurately track time allocated to each task and project. Your customers will be confident that they are receiving detailed and accurate reports. Additionally, Grownu allows you to control privacy settings when creating reports, as well as set restrictions for limited-time access. You can even include comments and photos with each report.

Accurately track time

Grownu Workforce Management makes it simple to track time and log everything in the logbook. Each minute is easily accounted for, allowing you to see how much time was spent on each task in total and by employee. You can also calculate how much labor cost is spent on each employee. The system offers a profitability calculator to determine company profits. Use Grownu to track costs, earnings and profitability of each employee, group and project.

Industries using field workers
which can benefit from Grownu:

  • Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Pest control


Construction companies rely mostly on field workers making it necessary to utilize a Workforce Management System. The Grownu Time Tracking System allows you to plan each employee's tasks and review the time spent working. Receive a full report listing the completed work along with photos taken by the employee. Allow your employees to choose tasks and set priority tasks. Employees can see their work completed in a chosen period.


Keep an organized list of all your clients and locations along with regularly scheduled a services. Use Grownu to schedule shifts for your team and determine who will accomplish which tasks. Export reports through Grownu Workforce Management to create bills. Use the system to assign cleaning groups, compare their efficiency, and maximize productivity of your company.

Repair and Maintenance

Use Grownu in the repair and maintenance industry: plan your employee's work schedule, determine regularly scheduled visits for maintenance tasks, or create a recurring job. Use the system to create and tasks and log all their time worked. Keep comments on the completed tasks and upload photos. Use the working time verification flow feature to track payments for regular work or any additional tasks.

Pest Control

Grownu is used by pest control companies to easily manage their workers and plan upcoming work for that day, week, month or year. Create reports with exact working hours spent on certain tasks. Allow your employees to comment on each finished task and take a picture of the final result.

Field work solutions

  • Tracking time of clock-in and clock-out
  • Verification flow of the logged entry
  • Scheduled daily, weekly, monthly work
  • Calculate individual, team or location costs
  • Calculate individual, team or location profitability
  • Alerts on employee behaviour
  • Advanced Reporting
  • API Integrations
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