Workforce management system solutions for your business

The Grownu time tracking and workforce management system provides a user-friendly system to track work time, schedule shifts and review registered working time by all employees and management. Grow your business while Grownu takes care of your company workforce digital optimization and management. Explore Grownu solutions and features below.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of time tracking feature

Time Tracking

Track when your employees clock in and clock out, and when they take breaks. System defines the hour type for correct reporting and cost calculation. No more paperwork needed - digitize the time tracking process with Grownu.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of logbook module feature


Grownu offers an advanced logbook to help you register, monitor, review and edit employee registered working time based on selected filters. Use the customizable filters to show information about specific grouped teams, individual employees or job type.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of verification flow in logbook module feature

Verification Flow

The verification flow feature allows managers to approve or suspended registered time in logbook module, where payment needs to be processed for completed work type, and logbook registered work time entries that need further clarification before completion. Employees can easily check their worked time log and status.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of scheduling work module

Work Schedule

The work schedule module allows companies to plan working time under the selected work type for specific assigned employees or teams in a given time period. Easily set the scheduled work time to be one-time or recurring, and adjust scheduled working time depending on employee availabilty.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of scheduling shifts module for the organization employees

Shift Scheduling

Grownu advanced shift modeling system allows you to forecast the demand of needed employees and to fulfill the work type vacancies. Track the work time and monitor shift demand and completion, see where additional employees are needed, and easily make changes to fill shift demands.

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system Mobile Application

Mobile Application

An easy way to track time, at your fingertips! The Grownu mobile application is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Allow employees and managers to easily input time worked, schedule shifts, and see an overview of past activity, with the option of filtering by certain periods. The Grownu mobile application makes it simple for employees to track working time.

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system of the stationary identification kiosk for clock in and clock out

Identification Kiosk

Take employee identification to the next level with a customizable Kiosk. Easily set up and access Kiosks in all your locations. Let your employees to clock in and clock out in order to register the working time through the stationary identification kiosk. Four digit pin code is a quick way for employee identification. Grownu identification kiosk solution can ask to take a photo for employee recognition on clock in and clock out process.

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing custom alerts feature in the platform

Customized Alerts

Get real-time notifications by creating custom alerts for various event types such as a missed scheduled shift, missed clock in, missed clock out, daily overtime alert, weekly overtime alert, and more.

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing the advanced reporting feature inside the platform

Advanced Reporting

Access a wide variety of visual reports to help you ensure work run smoothly and your team is supported. Set filters to create custom reports displaying and exporting key information that is most valuable for your business.

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing the custom roles for users inside the platform

Custom Roles

The Grownu workforce management roles system allows each company to create their own role and define the control settings of the company account, or provide any access to available company modules for its assigned employees. This provide full possibility for unlimited customization, which can be applied to Groups, Sub-Groups, chosen teams or individuals.

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing example of how advanced settings can be set

Advanced Settings

Input company settings and preferences to utilize the full potential of Grownu. Modular Grownu workforce management system has various customization possibilities and based on the account setup the system becomes adaptable and attractable for the workforce optimization under small or enterpise level companies in any industry.

For Enterprises

We invite enterprise companies to contact our sales team to discuss custom solutions that will be most beneficial for your company. Grownu workforce management system is open for various customizations and integrations in order to fit your company needs.

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Advantages of using Grownu digital working time logging system

Easily keep track of employee working time and streamline the scheduling process. With the electronic working time logging system from Grownu, your business will run smoothly while avoiding paperwork and saving time and money in your daily operations. The app is easy-to-use for employees, managers, management or administration.

The team at Grownu are specialists in time tracking and workforce management services. Your company's employees can use Grownu's working time recording app to log their hours. With this electronic working time logging system, all working times of employees are accurately tracked, and a working time record is automatically created. Invest in a system that will allow all your operations to run efficiently. This modern time tracking system will allow your employees to achieve maximum productivity. This solution will benefit your business in many ways!

Verification flow manages the unexpected costs from the time tracking and working time logging system

Companies can save time and resources by avoiding tedious and time-consuming paperwork for their employees and managers. With an electronic time tracking and work time logging system, all working times of the company's employees are logged automatically. This makes it easier for both managers and employees, as it is not required that someone spends their valuable time reporting or editing working times, overtimes or deductions. The automized verification flow feature allows the manager to assess each hour logged by employees and determine the status: it can be an approved status ready to be paid, a pending status waiting for further review, or a suspended status which will show that this entry is not approved and should not be paid. The verification flow is a very beneficial feature for companies to control their costs and manage the fees which are allocated to each team or individual employee's salary.

Electronic time tracking and work time logging system can handle overtime

A major advantage of the digital time tracking and working time logging system that Grownu offers is the ability to control overtime hours. The app helps businesses detect and calculate correct daily and weekly overtime hours based on the advanced settings specified for their business. This means that the company avoids being hit by costly and unnecessary overtime hours which are not expected. The event module helps companies create custom events that will inform the management about overtime and can stop the overtime calculation automatically if needed. With the electronic time tracking and working time logging system, the company, managers and employees do not have to worry about paperwork errors. Everything is done automatically and digitally. Additionally, the company can easily set the rules for overtime for each employee.