Privacy & Cookies policy

Privacy policy

  1. Grownu collects the following information in order to obtain delivery of products and verification of the customer: E-mail, first and last name, address, postcode, city and phone number.
  2. Grownu can collect clients companies employees face data under the request or specific settings of the Grownu platform for further employee identification of registered start or finish work time. Employees can have a request to take a face data via Mobile APP before starting or finishing work time and approve their identity with a help of such data.
  3. The entered customer information (Email, first and last name, address, postcode, city, phone number and face data) is stored for 5 years to meet the laws of the accounting Act.
  4. The information is not sold nor passed to third parties, but only used internally to manage the customer's subscription and for support and service purposes.
  5. A registered customer always has the opportunity for insight and may object to a registration under the rules of personal laws.
  6. All data stored complies with the Data Protection Agency regulations.


What are cookies?

A cookie cannot contain a virus, and is hence not dangerous for your computer. It is data stored on your computer when you browse the web. Cookies are used for example to record the pressure on a given website, and to remember you next time you visit the same page. The information cookies records are usually used for statistics or to enhance your experience of a website.

Grownu use of cookies

At Grownu we use cookies on to optimize the website's functionality e.g. so your items in the basket are remembered. The use and purpose of cookies at Grownu are explained further below.

Technical necessary cookies

Grownu is administered by SmartWeb. Grownu uses cookies to remember you when you visit our website. We also use SmartWebs cookie script to see if you have been informed about the website's use of cookies.

Marketing and Optimization cookies

We at Grownu use these cookies to get the optimal operation of our site and targeting of our marketing campaigns. This includes Google Analytics, which we use to analyze how you use our site.

To delete cookies

You can at all times delete your cookies on Ipad, Computer and Smartphone. Read below how you do it on whichever device or browser you are using. Be aware, if you decide to delete your cookies, that some functions, when you surf the web, can change on this behalf.

Want to know more?

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