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Time Tracking & Shift Scheduling

Grownu is a workforce management system to help companies plan employees shifts and register the working time. Customized time tracking solutions are available to meet your company's needs - regardless of size or industry!

Grownu workforce management systems' customization possibilities example with screenshots

Fully customizable time tracking and shift scheduling system

The customizable workforce management software allows you to modify solutions to better serve your company's needs. Modifying workforce management solutions like shift scheduling and time tracking will grow your company by increasing productivity, optimizing workforce management and controlling employees costs.

Solutions for time tracking and shift scheduling

Explore time tracking, shift scheduling and workforce management system solutions for your business

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of time tracking feature

Time Tracking

Time tracking allows to register working time

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of logbook module feature


See timesheets with all registered working times

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of verification flow in logbook module feature

Verification Flow

Add-on to adjust registered working times

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of scheduling work module

Work Schedule

Easily and quickly plan your employee's schedules

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system of scheduling shifts module for the organization employees

Schedule a Shift

Create and manage shifts within your company

Screenshot from Grownu workforce management system Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Mobile Application for a fast and smooth work process

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system of the stationary identification kiosk for clock in and clock out


Stationary clock-in and clock-out solution

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing custom alerts feature in the platform

Custom Alerts

Create your own customized alerts

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing the advanced reporting feature inside the platform

Advanced Reporting

Use advanced reports to filter and export specific data

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing the custom roles for users inside the platform

Custom Roles

Control different access levels to each part of the system

Screenshot from the Grownu workforce management system showing example of how advanced settings can be set

Advanced Settings

Modular system helps you customize your company account

Grownu workforce management system solutions will help to optimize your business, track the time for your employees, schedule their work shifts, receive reports and much more. Explore the solutions and get to know with the Grownu workforce management system.

Workforce Management for all businesses in any industry

Grownu is an intuitive time tracking system for small companies or large enterprises. Workforce management system is made from modules which can be adapted under any industry demand and this helps easily scale your customized system as your company grows!

Explore the industries where the Grownu workforce management system solutions help to optimize the employees work by tracking their work time and scheduling their work shifts.

Two screenshots in the image showing Grownu workforce management system example from the mobile application

Workforce Management in mobile application

The Grownu time tracking and shift scheduling mobile application allows you to manage employees from anywhere - while in the office or on the go. The mobile application interface is user-friendly, making it easy to review tracked time and review the upcoming work shift for all employees in your company. Utilize Grownu digital time tracking and work time logging system to grow your company!

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Why Choose Grownu as your workforce management system

Reduce operating and labor costs while effectively managing your employees. The Grownu cloud-based workforce management System allows companies to export valuable data and streamline their workforce. Ditch complicated paperwork and spreadsheets. Invest in an advanced workforce management system that will help you run your business efficiently.

Grownu offers an innovative system to organize your employees - whether your company is large or small, focused on individual work or team work. An employee management system helps companies run smoothly to benefit their customer base. Grownu offers tracking and management solutions that can be customized for any industry. The system is cloud-based, accessible over the web and through the app available on both Android and iOS. Reduce time spent on logistical tasks to make more time for expanding your business and improving your services.

Digital time tracking = lower amount of hourly cost

Stay ahead of your competitors with an effective workforce management System. Optimize your team and daily tasks to improve customer satisfaction. Allow your employees and management to connect through the Grownu system to achieve operational and financial goals. Set your team up for success: optimize daily tasks and reduce operating costs. Keep track of your employees by tracking individual employees, teams, specific tasks, scheduled shifts or certain events.

Workforce managemenet gives managers excellent opportunities to easily perfom their tasks and streamline for both the company employees and team leaders. Optimize the daily work with employees and generate lower costs. Keep track of the full list of your employees or focus on specific individual employee, team work, dedicated tasks, scheduled work, scheduled shifts or custom events. It is a service that offers the following, among other things:

  • Track, log and review working time

  • View real-time working employees time, job type and location

  • Data collection and analysis of the company employees

  • Schedule shifts for your teams

  • Personalize your company account settings based on your industry

  • Employee performance and behaviour tracking

  • Job optimization and management

  • Facial recognition control solutions

Optimization-driven approach with workforce management system

Grownu offers more than time-saving and financial benefits. To fully support your business, it is important to be business-oriented and optimization-driven. Grownu system helps grow a company while optimizing daily work for organization employees. The electronic time tracking and work time logging system allows you to define specific guidelines for working time, events, overtime, scheduled shifts, and more. Receive alerts when tasks are not completed as scheduled. The Grownu workforce management system is updated continuously to improve usability and support your business.

Grownu will help your business become more efficient, perform more effectively, and create space to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.