Optimizing the Health Care Industry

Efficient scheduling is crucial in the health care industry: Grownu can help. Whether employees track time hourly or need to utilize an effective scheduling system, Grownu's workforce management is a helpful tool.

Assigning Shifts

Optimize your company's schedules with Grownu Schedule with Shift Creation and Assigning module. Easily assign customized shifts to your employees based on their schedule, availability and expertise. Employees can even access schedules through the Grownu APP to swap shifts and check in with their coworkers.

Time Tracking

The mobile app allows users to easily log time, while the stationary Kiosk option provides employee identification and facial recognition. Employees are able to clock in and clock out, and track breaks. Utilize the app to input automatic break times and set any necessary restrictions.

Overtime calculation

Stay organized with tracking employee overtime on a daily and weekly basis. Grownu allows you to set conditions for overtime tracking to ensure you stay within budget.


Use the Grownu web platform to report data with your chosen filters. The data can be exported as a spreadsheet or as a PDF. Easily edit the logbook entries if any changes need to be made when exporting data.

Solutions for the Health Care Industry:

  • Easy shift scheduling for employees
  • Schedule shifts for each location
  • Time tracking to log each minute of work
  • Logbook to track all entries
  • Alerts for specific events
  • Advanced reporting for review and compare
  • Kiosk for quick employee identification
  • Mobile APP to access the platform anytime, anywhere
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