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Whether you are running a small warehouse or a large factory, Grownu Workforce Management system can be used to optimize individual employee schedules or team tasks. Running a manufacturing company has many moving parts: using a digital scheduling system can help you focus on the manufacturing without spending extra time coordinating schedules and tracking overtime.

Time is money

Optimizing workforce management is a priority in any manufacturing-based company. The Grownu system allows you to track employee working time and utilize the Events module to receive alerts on any employee missing work or forgetting to clock-in. You can review the history of hours worked and calculate salaries using the Grownu Workforce Management system's advanced reporting module, which allows you to filter data based on your preferences.

Shift calendar

A calendar with all shifts displayed on one page will help you easily determine see the big picture of upcoming tasks and schedules. Review the scheduled daily, weekly or monthly shifts and easily make changes. Allow your employees to switch shifts between themselves without creating unfulfilled shift slots.

Employee identification

Use the mobile App or the Kiosk module for employee identification. The Kiosk will let you use the stationary tablet and request an on demand photograph when your employees clock-in and clock-out.

Valuable overtimes

Turn on the overtime feature in the organization settings to catch every minute of overtime for your employees. Combine this setting with the Events and receive alerts when employees reach daily or weekly overtime.

Solutions used in Manufacturing:

  • Overtime feature
  • Verification flow
  • Schedule the work
  • Shift calendar
  • Kiosk for identification
  • Track time to log every minute
  • Mobile APP - system in your pocket
  • Reports at any time
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