Manage Restaurant Teams

Grownu Workforce Management is a convenient platfom to manage restaurants efficiently and effectively. Create and schedule shifts and share with employees to keep everyone informed and organized.

Shift module

Since most restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food service establishments rely on shift work, Grownu Workforce Management is the perfect platform to manage your employees. Once shifts are created, managers can adjust settings and employees can swap shifts. Use Grownu to calculate working hours to determine which employees should be scheduled at certain times.

Plan ahead

With the Schedule Module, easily plan each establishment's shifts and tasks. The intuitive system allows you to easily input schedules for various locations. Grownu can be used by small businesses that are planning to expand in the future, or by larger chains that want to stay organized with multiple locations.

Company management

Management can access the company's inputted information to determine labor costs. The app allows employees to see their total hours worked and the calculated earnings from their shifts. The Reporting module allows those with access to filter and analyze selected data.

Clocking in and out

The Grownu Workforce Management System allows employees to easily clock in and out to ensure every minute of work is accounted for. The system also provides a Kiosk module accessed through an electronic device, such as a tablet. This allows employees to clock in and out with additional security options like facial identification.

Solutions for the Restaurant Industry:

  • Kiosks provide a physical location for clock-in and identification
  • Schedule module for correct planning
  • Shift for building your place structure
  • Time tracking to log every minute
  • Verification flow for paid time control
  • Advanced Reporting possibilities
  • Custom roles with custom access
  • Alerts Module to stay informed
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