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Grownu is an ideal plaform for self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs providing hourly services. Use the Grownu system to stay organized with all your projects and tasks as you accurately keep track of time worked.

Plan your work

Use the Grownu Mobile APP to schedule your tasks and keep track of what you still need to complete. Easily communicate open time slots with your clients and stay on top of tasks as your business grows.

Track your time

Tracking your time worked is essential for entrepreneurs - Grownu can help you stay organized. Make sure you account for all time worked, whether it's a few minutes or several hours. Easily add comments to certain tasks and even photos to better track completed work.


Export and filter reports based on the type of work completed. Easily share reports with your customers as an invoice. You can also download reports in PDF or spreadsheet format with the option of setting filters.

Mobile APP

The intuitive app allows you to access the Grownu system wherever you are. Track your time worked with details on completed tasks. Designate each task with a type so you can easily filter the Logbook and Reports. You can even see your earnings through the app.

Solutions for self-employed:

  • Schedule and calendar
  • Tracking time
  • Advanced settings for customization
  • Advanced reporting to ensure you are paid on time
  • Mobile APP
  • Profitability calculation feature
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